Brief History of Invention of Peppytide

Promita Chakraborty invented Peppytides and initiated a new field called Physical Biomodeling as a part of her doctoral work, submitted in 2014. She worked on its preliminary ideas since 2006. She coined the term 'Peppytide' in summer of 2011, when she built the first working version of the model, ultimately arriving at this version (posted here) in summer of 2012. Her broad vision is to design seamless interactive modeling and computing environments between physical manipulatives of biological systems (governed by their shape, dynamics and functions), the computer, the supercomputer and the cloud. She published the design and details of scientific accuracy of Peppytide in PNAS (Jul 2013), Make Magazine (Jan 2014) and PhD dissertation (Spring 2015). More information can be found at the links below.

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